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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silversurfer-98560 1 / 10

Subject Matter Expert

There are very few people who actually have knowledge of the effects medical issues take on Unit Readiness. For 5 years I was the Unit Status Readiness Officer for several units. Commanders use these reports to tell them the readiness level of each unit all the way down to the company level and all the way up to Corps level.

Deployment- Transgender soldiers are non deployable while undergoing transition mental health care, surgeries, and hormone replacement. Much like many other medical issues and circumstances. The common medications are available while deployed, but many others are not available and makes a soldier non-deployable. Hormones make a trans soldier non deployable for the whole time once started on them. That soldier is now a hindrance to the unit's readiness and filling a space in which a deployable soldier could fill. Males are 100% more likely to be raped while deployed compared to females.

Garrison- During Garrison time, soldiers are required to attend all appointments. Trans soldiers have even more than most other soldiers, except for those that are in the process of a Medical Evaluation Board with a final result of a medical discharge. Both of these conditions would make the soldier unavailable to participate in training and work. This causes schisms in the unit and effects unit morale, and the morale of the soldier. Trans soldiers enter into the transition voluntarily, while all other medical issues are non voluntary. If soldiers want to transition, they can wait until after service. Otherwise Trans soldiers are not joining for unselfish reasons, and only for selfish reasons. We serve our country and the citizens of our country. My opinions on this subject is irrelevant. I could not care what a soldier's gender or sexual orientation is. As a Platoon leader, I only cared if a soldier could be useful to the team. If they are not capable of fulfilling the mission, they will be removed.

Reviewed by mje-67979 1 / 10

Documentaries should cover all sides, not just preach what they think

Lately there has been a trend of documentaries only telling one side of a story/argument and that creates a lot of ignorant sheep. If this were an action film I'd look for explosions, catch phrases, and excitement. However, as this is a documentary, I expect to learn facts and information. This film ignores the opposing side which makes a lot of sense. The military serves a function and is not capable of performing that function at the highest level when those with physical or mental handicaps are allowed to join.

We don't stand up for those prevented from serving with asthma, I'm sure there are jobs they could do in the military but they are detrimental to the strength of the military. The same goes for a population living with mental illness. Also, those with asthma aren't requesting that tax payers cover very expensive surgeries and hormones. I've heard a weak argument that the military covers viagra type medication so they should cover these expensive surgeries. Why do soldiers use viagra? Could it be that they get traumatized fighting in wars or working extreme hours? This film just tries to use emotions with no intelligent argument being made for what they are pushing.

The world will be better off when we stop pretending those with delusions are a disenfranchised population. There is no education to be found in this film as an education is only as good as the educator. Scientists world-wide do not believe in the multiple gender nonsense, that's why you learn about it from English, History, or (cringe) Gender Studies teachers. The last being a class that was invented to push this nonsense. Use critical thinking when you watch this or any other faux-documentary, do not just believe what you are told by people desperate for you to take their side. You can disagree with nonsense without being hateful, those with no legitimate argument just call people hateful to spark emotion when there is no reason.

This film fails at everything it tries to do and the only ones who will feel educated by it are the ones who already believe it or the very simple-minded.

Reviewed by wolfgangblack 1 / 10

another radical leftist movie

It doesn't matter how many critics and film festivals they have this sort of movie is not popular with the masses. A lot of movie franchises have record low attendance due to people being tired of being preached to and called bad for not being a radical leftist. If you have any sense pass on this film.

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