Action / Drama / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Rosario Dawson as Rachel
Rachel Nichols as Jamie
Sherilyn Fenn as Elizabeth
Zoë Bell as Sabrina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mikeyy-23737 1 / 10

I am not arrogant but I now know I am better then all people involved in this travesty.

What is wrong with the world that a thing like this could be created. Come on people we are better then this. The fact that somebody wastes time and money on this is just sad and pathetic. Honestly the cast and crew should have quit and had nothing to do with any of this garbage. You accomplished absolutely nothing by putting this out into our society. I hope and pray all things having to do with this are destroyed. Again if you had anything to do with this trash hang your head in shame.

Reviewed by Alice C 3 / 10

What did I just watch...

If you want to watch women beat the hell out of each other this might be your movie. Otherwise this movie had a pretty weak plot, everyone ends up in a body bag one way or another. I guess the morale of the story is don't go to bars and meet strangers. This was like a Hunger Games version of women kidnapped and forced into fighting to the end for their loved ones and their own life. As if a group could effectively be out murdering random strangers who's female family member went missing and no one would see a pattern. Of course some of the women that are housed in cells closer together bond in some way but it is ultimately a fight to the end for only 1 woman to be left standing. The end just makes the entire movie a complete waste. After all the torment you'd think she wouldn't throw her guns away and just run haphazardly down the middle of the road but yep that is what she does. And thus ends your 90 minutes of violence.

Reviewed by RougeKid1998 3 / 10

Truly disappointed

So obviously i am not a professional critic and nor do i possess the intelligence and knowledge to put a successful film out there.

My first red flag was how immediately bored i was after 30 seconds of the first scene and my disappointment after i was to find that this boredom would not disappear. The second red flag for me was the absolute lack of depth and story. This made the so called "emotional scenes" not at all emotional and any sort of empathy was lost as well as a disconnection to the character from the audience point of view. The third was the script writing. Which for me was very basic and gave me the feeling i was watching a university students final exam. The character "Tracie" was highly annoying to me as well... just thought id throw that in.

The story itself is rather predictable and unsubtle. SPOILER Im talking mainly about Sabrinas last fight and her Supposed death which was not only incredibly unsubtle but for me a little "naph".

Lastly the ending was, for me anticlimactic and disappointing.

So why am i so disappointed? The story/plot and setting had some serious potential. It was just executed so awfully. HOWEVER

Credit where credit is due, the acting from the cast is extremely powerful. Rebecca Marshal did a particularly impressive job as well as Zoe Bell being an extremely pleasant surprise considering shes a stunt-woman rather than an actress.

The fight choreography was entertaining enough. I love a good fight however for me this seemed to be all the film is. And again lacked depth.

The soundtrack suited well to the situation on screen and gave what i believe to be the desired effect.

My girlfriend enjoyed it so i got some peace out of her for a bit.

Three stars for the acting and choreography. Otherwise totally categorically awful.

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