Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly


Action / Comedy / Documentary

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
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Kevin Smith as Himself
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by generationofswine 7 / 10

An Honest Review

I absolutely love Kevin Smith's sense of humor, and he comes across as a seriously nice guy so from the start you feel compelled to like him. He's funny and nice, who doesn't like that?

And it makes it even more compelling because he seems genuinely excited about things, even when it's annoying staged excitement like his youtube reviews, there's an earnestness with it that makes it enjoyably annoying.

And, honestly, his dig on Ben Affleck was hysterical, even more so because their friends and Affleck actually did a pretty decent job as Batman.

But... this was more of a stand-up routine and not so much of the Q&A that we're used to with these. He relied a lot on the punchlines, and, even though the delivery was good he's best when he's answering question and the humor is seemingly coming from Kevin Smith and not something that looks as rehearsed.

The bottom line is that's it's Kevin Smith doing stand up, and you're going to laugh and you're going to like him enough to enjoy it, or just about whatever he does. And, even though he does reach out to the audience, he's really at his funniest when he's up there answering questions, and he's really at his best when he's connecting with people a little more personally.

So don't expect the brilliance of the other shows like this, but it's still something that you're going to enjoy through force of personality.

Reviewed by juanmuscle 10 / 10

these are so much fun!

Mr. Smith has such an affinity to extrapolate the funny or the witty out of anything no matter how trite or boring it may seem , give it to Kevin if one is uncertain how to pump up a tale with wit and humour! Definitely a fine job here, just like the other stand up affairs, this one does not let down, it stays on point and delivers! I personally love how he was moving around and throwing his arms around! I just think Kev is the most! This was really cool.

Reviewed by larrys3 8 / 10

If You Don't Mind the Crude Language --Sit Back & Enjoy the Storytelling

In the past, I've liked some of Kevin Smith's movies and humor while others not so much. This film is a Showtime TV special of his stand-up performance at the Alex Theater, in Glendale , California. Of course, this show was particularly noteworthy because right after it was over, Smith suffered a massive heart attack but miraculously survived.

I found his humor here, if you don't mind a crude expletive in just about every sentence, to be quite clever and funny while delivered in a most down-to-earth and even self-effacing style. He's a great storyteller and his timing is impeccable.

So if all the sexual references and language doesn't turn you off, you may want to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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